Bionic Christen (stopthepenguins) wrote,
Bionic Christen

Did I Just Say the Villabouts of the Whereain Kelly? ... 'Cause I've Been Doing That a Lot Lately

I like livejournal. Posting occasionally is good fun! Well, it's close to fun in any case. Yes, livejournal, you are a great site, I will post in you.

I found out yesterday that Jackson Publick, writer for The Venture Brothers, has a livejournal site. Season Three of The Venture Brothers is out now. I haven't caught it, but I am hoping it is as funny as the last two.

I just ate the most delicious PB&J in the WHOLE world.

Walter, the panther chameleon I bought for Christmas, has transformed into such a beautiful adult. His color patterns run from bright red stripes to dark blue stripes and mixtures in between, and his body can be any mixture of lime green to deep blue, with various shades of green and blue in between. He needs a new cage soon, 24 x 24 x 48 (inches) screen cage is in order. I am moving into a new apartment with our roommate at the end of this month, so I'm thinking of the great ways I can grow large outdoor hibiscus to create a patio habitat for Walter as well. Hibiscus have absolutely beautiful flowers, and they make perfect plants for chameleons.

I couldn't be happier with owning a chameleon. Dogs are equally as needy as small children, and while I absolutely love dogs (much more than I love children), I could never conscientiously commit to owning one unless I had my own house. Chameleons need a decent amount of space and particular conditions, but meeting rainforest-like conditions in Texas is not hard. They are remarkable animals, and generally like to be left alone, with intermittent interaction. Walter climbs on our heads now, it's hilarious. If I can ever manage to get my own house, I would dedicate my garage to chameleons, and get a nice pump spray system and all that good stuff.

I have other ideas for growing plants as well.

I am extremely excited to be vacating this apartment complex. The apartments I found are so close to many restaurants I would work at, and merely 5 minutes away from school. The biotechnology program is getting me excited about biology again, although dedicating my life from now until age 30 to get a PhD sounds so painful. I know my salary will make up for it, yet I shrink from the thought of being poor for so long!


Well, things are super good! I would have gone to Columbia with my dad and brother, but the moving got in the way. I regret not being able to go but there will always be a trip next year.

"There are plenty of tards out there living really kick ass lives. My ex-wife was tarded. She's a pilot now."
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