Bionic Christen (stopthepenguins) wrote,
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laquerhead sets his skull on fire

ahhh... primus. over the mere months that i have been listening to them, they have become my favorite band. as my favorite band, i doubt they will ever be replaced.

that said, i was very disappointed with the concert. don't get me wrong, they played well. in fact, primus is one of the only bands that sounds better live than on cd. les claypool did play his upright bass in one song. but... they only played for an hour and a half. on top of that, they only played a couple of my favorite songs. they didn't play "those damned blue-collar tweekers" or "tommy the cat" or "sgt. baker" or "southbound pachyderm" or much of anything really. tim alexander didn't play a drum solo. i don't know. it was just so hasty and not thorough and not primus. i don't know.

i just learned that they're only touring for about 2 months, which is by no means as extensive as (most) tours generally are, so it could just be something that they didn't really want to do. still.

when they left the first time i was thinking "hey, intermission. another hour left!" and then they came back a minute or so later and i thought "this isn't right" and then they left again and i thought "you're kidding me."

afterwards i went back to ben's place and we watched the dvd from "animals should not act like people" with his roommate and saw videos and random footage of the band. that was interesting because their videos are amazing, especially the video to "mister krinkle", and the members of the band are funny so their home videos are entertaining.

hopefully primus does another tour in the future, and hopefully they make it a good one.

i decided that i don't like gwar enough to justify going to their concert for dye, and i like cursive but i don't want to go to their show.
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I don't know how well they all get along anymore. Even if they do, they all have, like, 6 other projects and Herb is a major session drummer. I think the tours may have turned into more of a chore recently, but they're still all about the fans, so they do them when they can squeeze them in. It's fairly noble, but I wish they'd realize that they're better as Primus than as any other side project.

An hour and a half is a long time for a band to play. And all the things backstage and front of house, it's a lot of coordination to keep up for that long. But, yeah, I could watch them for 5 hours.

As for song selection, I know that most of the stuff they play is picked for their own enjoyment, what they like to play, so it's usually the more experimental, crazy stuff. And I heard (not confirmed) that a big reason they played a whole set of Seas of Cheese last tour was so they wouldn't have to play much from it henceforth. Like they were phasing the first two albums out of the live show or something, but that may just be a rumor. Still, every Primus fan is ENTITLED to see Tommy the Cat live. It's...fairly mind-boggling.

As for no drum solo, that's just wrong. He always takes a solo and is more than deserving of it. You just got flat out gipped on that one.