Bionic Christen (stopthepenguins) wrote,
Bionic Christen

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i think my friend said stick it in the back of her head

uhhhhhhh... bored. haha. like the caveman from aqua teen. BORED BORED. look at the keys. i don't know.

i love aqua teen hunger force. and the venture brothers. i had no idea that played on adult swim. it's priceless anyway.

dr. orpheus is a necromancer character on the venture brothers and instead of saying that he lost the remote to his tv, he said that the remote "vanished from the material sphere." i like that phrase. it takes out human accountability. i think i will use it from now on.

i totally weigh 130 pounds now. i didn't know if i told anyone that. it's badass. i'm smaller than i have been since middle school. it feels good to be fit.

*the show i've recently been watching is in fact called the venture brothers, not the venture boys.
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