Bionic Christen (stopthepenguins) wrote,
Bionic Christen

orchestra and video games

this sunday i will be attending the trans siberian orchestra's performance at the toyota center. the commercials for said event have been in the style of a circus or disney-on-ice event with less circus and disney and more guitars and long flowing hair. i'm going with ben, which is a story in itself (to be told later in this post).

i've been playing Final Fantasy XII and it's pretty cool. the targeting system, the battle system, the license system, the gambit system, and the party system are all pretty cool. that's quite a lot of cool. i'm getting ready to leave the first area of the game after almost 12 hours of gameplay, so... i'm excited, impatient, and anxious all at the same time. an interesting combination of feelings.

tonight my car started crapping out in a bad way. i'm upset. my car has lasted well thus far but is not meeting more recent challenges. they have been numerous and retarded, so i guess this was bound to happen. i'm still not very happy about it. it seems like a few minor problems, i just wish it wasn't broken.

ben and i "broke up" a couple of weeks ago. i use quotations because we never actually started or stopped seeing each other. it's pretty ridiculous. not in a bad way. just in a silly way. this entire relationship has been silly and weird.
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