Bionic Christen (stopthepenguins) wrote,
Bionic Christen

with a bocephus sticker on his 442 he'd light 'em up just for fun

there had been general douchebaggery taking place at work since jorge had hired this new guy named phil. i was supposed to have to close with him for nearly the entire week, but fortune smiled upon me. he didn't show up for work this weekend, so he got fired.

i keep posting about it, but i keep getting excited. primus is november 3rd! chris informed me that sailing the seas of cheese is not the album they will be playing, and they might not play an entire album at all, so now i'm feeling that whatever may be the case, i just want to see the concert. so... hooray!

nov 1 is fear factory, nov 3 is primus, nov 16 is deftones, nov 21 is cursive, and nov 26 is gwar.... busy month for concerts

since the borat movie comes out nov 3, i'm thinking that ben and i and a few other people with probably partake in a matinee of that before we go to primus
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