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i am

in the past few weeks i have acquired new cds:
Primus - Antipop
Primus - Tales from the Punchbowl
Weird Al - Straight Outta Lynwood
Mr. Bungle (i really wanted disco volante, alas, it was not to be found)
Coheed and Cambria - Second Stage Turbine Blade
Mastodon - Blood Mountain

ummm... this coming saturday i'm going to the texas renaissance festival.

november 3rd is the primus show, which i am extremely excited about. les claypool is an amazing bassist and musician and there is no way that this concert will be anything less than amazing. almost everyone i know is going, including ben and krysta and kristina and marshall and many of my other friends.
there are rumors that primus plays 2 sets at each show, and that they will be playing one of their albums in chronological order for each tour (as one half of their set). if said rumors are true, this tour will feature "sailing the seas of cheese", which happens to be my favorite primus album. more cause to be even more excited.
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