Bionic Christen (stopthepenguins) wrote,
Bionic Christen

Hong Kong Danger Duo

There are a few things that I've discovered in the past few months that make me happy to such an extent that I feel like it would not be exaggerating (or retarded) to say that they infuse my soul with rock. Not crack rock though. Just plain rock.

This post is a tribute to those things, mostly because I don't want to forget that I like them so much if I get distracted. They're all so perfect for me.

-Upright Citizens Brigade (you can do anything through a hole in a sheet)
-Martin and Dr. Orloff (made by a couple of the guys from UCB)

-The Venture Brothers (oh, it looks like something breached the hull. super good.)

-Katamari Damacy

-deathmatch in Time Splitters: Future Perfect (and the character that I use, Kypriss)

-Aqua Teen Hunger Force (this shouldn't technically count since I've watched it since the beginning of high school)

-Nintendo DS

-The Perry Bible Fellowship

The upright citizens brigade and the venture brothers are the most important to me. They're so fucking funny. It should be illegal, so then everyone can abuse the comedy in both of them. I don't know. That was dumb. It's like 5 in the morning and I'm hungry and tired. Whatever.
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