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i think my friend said stick it in the back of her head

uhhhhhhh... bored. haha. like the caveman from aqua teen. BORED BORED. look at the keys. i don't know.

i love aqua teen hunger force. and the venture brothers. i had no idea that played on adult swim. it's priceless anyway.

dr. orpheus is a necromancer character on the venture brothers and instead of saying that he lost the remote to his tv, he said that the remote "vanished from the material sphere." i like that phrase. it takes out human accountability. i think i will use it from now on.

i totally weigh 130 pounds now. i didn't know if i told anyone that. it's badass. i'm smaller than i have been since middle school. it feels good to be fit.

*the show i've recently been watching is in fact called the venture brothers, not the venture boys.
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HAHAH oog is one of my favorite ATHF characters ever.

haha you want oog to kill oogself... he says something like that to frylock... i THINK.

how are you doing?
i'm doing alright, i've been under a lot of stress about work and shit. you should give me a call sometime: 770 317 1323 or send me your number if you don't get free long distance or any of that shite. miss you!
New episodes in September! w00tness.

And congrats on fitness.
of aqua teen? excelente!
Wait, so instead of you losing weight...your weight has "vanished from the material sphere"? Is this usage correct?
haha, yes. it just went right out of existence.